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Murrayburn Community Vision and Values

Within our Murrayburn Community, we recognise the importance of building positive relationships within environments that ensure our children and families are included, happy, secure, nurtured and engaged in their learning.  We want our community to develop a love of learning and belief in themselves. We create opportunities to build on knowledge and skills, achieve highly, and celebrate effort as well as successes; focusing on equipping everyone with skills for life.

Respect            Kindness           Honesty            Resilience

The School and Murrayburn EYCC

Murrayburn Primary opened in 1939 serving a catchment area in the South West of Edinburgh. A Nursery unit opened within Murrayburn Primary School in the early 1970s.

Our site is staffed by a dedicated and supportive team who work very hard to provide the best opportunities for all our boys and girls in a safe and happy environment.

Pupils leaving Murrayburn after Primary 7 generally move on to Forrester High School who we work closely with, to ensure positive transition for all our pupils.

Murrayburn Primary has a roll of about 375 pupils and the Early Years Provision  accommodates 30 pupils.