Dress Code

The following information is also detailed in the Murrayburn Behaviour Policy Document.


  • Green or grey sweatshirts, jumpers or cardigans, (with the exception of Primary 7 pupils who have special black ones).
  • White shirts or polo shirts.


  • Plain green, grey or black skirt/trousers.
  • During warmer weather, girls can choose to wear a green/white check school dress.


  • Black Shoes or unbranded Black Trainers

Other Items to note

  • No jewellery should be worn and no jewellery at all is permitted in PE.
  • Make-up is not allowed, including nail polish.
  • If leggings are worn, in place of tights, ensure shorts or a skirt is worn over the top
  • Football colours are not allowed.

 Pupils are encouraged and praised for adhering to the dress code.

How to obtain a uniform

Uniform can be ordered from http://www.border-embroideries.co.uk

Uniform can be sent to you or you can click and collect from the shop.

Their shop is located at 187A Dundee Street, Edinburgh EH11 1DH.

Samples of the School Uniform are available to view at the School Office.